Experience a hidden place to relax, think, connect, eat and play in peace

During this week you will escape your hectic daily life in a peaceful environment and experience the life in a buddhist monastery. See, feel, smell, hear and taste the heart of the monastery during your stay. Allow yourself this unique, unexplored experience.

Zaam will lead you round for the whole week and will bring you in contact with the monks, the surroundings and the local citizens.


It was a really special experience to see this culture from close by.
Dennis Heijstraten, Rotterdam, 2011
This place gave me the freedom and peace to think about what I really want in life.
Jessica Peters, London, 2012

Neydo Monastery

In the hills near Kathmandu (approx 15km) Nepal stands the buddhist Neydo monastery.  Here live 120 young monks between the age of 4 and 21. They are following a course to become monks, under the supervision of dozens of older monks.

The leader of this monastery is Rinpochee H.H Ngom Neydo Karma Chagme. He is one of the spiritual leaders of the Kagyu and Nyingma tradition of Tibetian Buddhism. (www.helptibet.com)


You will stay for 7 nights in a luxurious room in the Neydo hotel, inside the walls of the monastery. Every day you can enjoy local, fresh produce. (www.neydohotel.com)


The monastery is surrounded by beautiful rice fields and numerous Nepalese villages. During our walks you will get to meet the local villagers and their rich culture. As well as Buddhist monasteries, you can also visit Hindu temples very close by. Click here for some photos.

ProgrammE: 4 - 11 MAY 2013

Meet & greet with the monks; walks through the rice fields; yoga on the roof of the temple; visit a Tibetan doctor; question & answer on Buddhism; visits to beautiful local templates and monasteries. You choose which activities you would like to take part in. Download the programme here.


€ 660 p.p. (own room) *
€ 580 p.p. (shared room) *

* min. 10 and max 12 participants; sign up before 25 February 2013

Included in this experience *

  • 7 nights stay in the hotel within the monastery
  • All meals (including water, tea and coffee)
  • All organised excursions
  • Transfer from/to the monastery and Kathmandu on 4 and 11 May.
* excludes flight, visa and cancellation insurance.

Click here for visa information.


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